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KC Styx was established in 1998 by Huw Savage to teach the exciting and winning styles of field hockey to players and teams at youth level in Kansas City and the Midwest. Giving the athletes the opportunity to play and practice year round.

The Savage name is synonymous with Field Hockey. Father Austin Savage was the Wales and Great Britain goalkeeper from 1961 to 1981, and was the first Welsh player to gain 100 caps, and played in the 1972 Olympics

KC Styx Field Hockey Club 



Exposure to high level field hockey coaching and demonstration is essential for field hockey skill development. In order to grow and develop, athletes must be constantly exposed to high quality play, instruction,and utmost demonstration. We instruct in a
clear, concise manner to all ages and ability levels.

Repetition is the key to rapid skill development. All aspects of training whether it is individual skill training,or small group training, repetition remains as the single most determinate of rapid field hockey development. Quite simply, the more touches on the ball a player is given the quicker that player's progress and growth. Repetition with positive reinforcement, and positive guidance will rapidly set your player on his or her way to achieving their maximum potential.

Let the games teach is a vital element of KC Styx. The use of small sided games combines to produce game like tempo, simulation, and increases exposure to the ball. This combination of "game like" atmosphere and increased ball touches
accelerates the growth of each player. Our instructors constantly monitor and evaluate game play, pointing out areas of negative, and positive play as reinforcement teaching.